When Daniela, Iris and Miguel travelled to Lake Atitlan, they found that although the scenery is stunning, there was something missing… And that’s how the FREE CERVEZA story commenced.

The lake had so much to offer and yet most accommodations were offering basic rooms and little or no entertainment.

As travelers, they wanted fun day activities and a good night-time vibe.

Amazingly, their conversations with other backpackers revealed that there was a shared desire for a more lively place to stay on the lake. 


They had an idea…What if there was a REALLY fun place to stay on Lake Atitlan? 

They then asked the question:

could they use ECO-FRIENDLY practices? 


As plans took form and they started pondering this challenge, they started collecting reusable materials to upcycle and hired local Santa Cruz artisanal builders.

Using wood, cement, hard work and sparkling lake water, Free Cerveza was built from the ground up to the success it is today.



At Free Cerveza, we offer glamping and entertainment on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the jewel of Guatemala.

Our property features a full bar, free kayak & sauna and nightly entertainment.

Our property overlooks three of Central America’s most famous volcanoes and is fed by mountain water that rushes down from the secret valley behind our lodge. 

Beside our amazing local handymen, we also employ local Mayan cleaning and kitchen staff, who prepare delicious Guatemalan and Western dishes. 

Our goal is to make life’s story interesting, fun, and curious. Our priority is for our guests to see a side of the lake rarely witnessed: the beautiful scenery and tranquil neighbor combined with fun atmosphere and laid-back vibe is the key to our sustained success – we’re not too humble to brag that we are the number 1 ranked hostel on the lake! Come experience it for yourself and see why!

Also, because of our overall value, we’re usually fully booked, so please email ahead for the best chance at reserving your space. We try to fit some extra beds here and there, especially if you are nice and flexible.

We provide everything, just bring your bag and toothbrush and we promise you will leave with an incredible experience…