Our Views. Your Adventure.

Summer Camp for Adults – that’s us. At Free Cerveza, we offer glamping and entertainment on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Our waterfront property features a full bar, a sun-dock tanning area, free kayak and sauna, lake swimming and entertainment. We offer kick-ass breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by local Mayan cooks. Lastly, we host our daily Free Cerveza Social (hence, our cheesy name).

13 Activities @ Free Cerveza
20 Glamping Tents
25 Average sunny days per month
10,860 Free Cervezas served in 2017

***We only accept CASH as payment*** 

We travelled to Lake Atitlan.

We loved it.

But, after talking with other travelers, we noticed some things were missing.

One day, we decided to create paradise on the lake.

We mixed lots of FUN, ECO-FRIENDLY PRACTICES and some LAKE WATER and all of a sudden… magic happened.

Just bring your toothbrush and PJs, and we promise to make it a memorable experience for you.